The Terminal


The Terminal was on TV yesterday, I haven’t seen it since it was first released and forgot how good a film it is. It’s another example of what a good actor Tom Hanks is. The film follows Hanks who plays Viktor, an eastern immigrant who is on a mission to complete a promise to his father by visiting New York, but due to problems with his paperwork finds himself stuck at JFK airport for nine months.

It’s a beautiful film, Viktor is a wonderful character as are the friends that he makes at the airport. He really brings everyone together and is a very selfless character. Tom Hanks, as alway delivers ┬átruly wonderful performance. You will forget about Mr Hanks and just see Viktor, a poor man stuck living in an airport, who makes the best of what he has and makes a big impression on all those who meet him.

Catherine Zeta Jones also stars as his love interest and Stanley Tucci is the man that is stopping him from leaving the airport.

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