Salt is one of the films that I never got round to seeing when it was first released. Instead I waited till it was on TV.

I’m a big fan of Angelina Jolie, especially her action movies as I think she gives a great performance that doesn’t get lost within all of the action. I was also impressed that this film managed to keep up with her performance.

I spent most of the movie trying to decide if her character was a hero, victim or villain and although I did get the twist towards the end (it’s pretty hard to fool us movie geeks to be honest) I was still impressed with how the story played out.

This film doesn’t over-sell itself. It’s quite subtle for what it is. The action is impressive, but believable (there’s no cars flying out of burning planes a la Fast and Furious 6). I think it has potential to be the next Bourne series and I can’t think of anyone better than Jolie to lead a female action series.

Salt 2 is set to be made, but is yet to have a release date or even a filming date.


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