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I just wanted to share with you some brilliant audiobooks by my fellow Amazing Stories blogger John Dodds. These two audiobooks are the first (hopefully of many) from John.

The first is called Bone Machines. It’s a gritty Scottish crime thriller featuring a very different kind of serial killer. Here’s the blurb: When a number of women are reported missing in Glasgow, the specter of a previous spate of unsolved disappearances in the city rears its head. Journalist Ray Bissett is drawn into the case when his daughter joins the ranks of the missing. Ambitious police detective Tom Kendrick won’t let Ray forget a terrible incident from his past that resulted in the death of a young boy.

The second book is called Kali’s Kiss. It’s a book about honor killings, witchcraft murders, and the machinations of rival gang lords. Here’s the blurb: Kali, Indian goddess of destruction and change, weaves her dark spell in a complex crime novel of fear, deception, brutal killings, and power mongering. When an unidentified young Indian bride is ritualistically murdered, Detective Inspector Tom Kendrick and forensic anthropologist Elizabeth Bell are mobilized to hunt down the perpetrators. But Kali keeps spinning her web. Elizabeth finds herself in mortal danger, and a criminal network involved in illegal immigration and drug production gradually emerges from the shadows. Meanwhile, small-time crook Suyaal Ackhbaar is being blackmailed by a vicious gang lord into delivering unsuspecting immigrants to work as slave labor in a drug factory.

The narrator is Robin Sachs, who sadly passed away earlier this year. He was known for his roles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Babylon 5, Galaxy Quest, Lost World: Jurassic Park to name but a few.

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