The Impossible review

The Impossible

I finally got round to watching The Impossible this weekend. What an incredible film. Based on a true story, it follows a British family, made up of Henry (Ewan McGregor), Maria (Naomi Watts) and their three sons. Although British they live in Japan (the real life family the film is based on are from Spain and lived in Japan) and headed to Thailand for a family holiday. The originally booked a third floor sea view apartment but were upgraded to an ocean front apartment.


Whilst Henry and the boys are playing in the pool, Maria is watching close by, relaxing on Boxing Day, only for them to see the giant tsunami wave coming at them with no chance for them to run to safety. The film then follow Maria, who is stuck in the water and badly injured, and she tries to get to safety and find her family. She finds her eldest son Lucas and the two of them struggle to reach each other and get to a tree to get away from the water. They then head to hospital without knowing if the rest of their family are alive.

Henry grabbed the younger two boys just before the wave came and we have no idea if they made it. We later see that Henry finds the boys but desperately searches for Maria and Lucas. He bravely leaves his sons with other victims and stays behind to search for his wife and son. With all of the family split up again, and Maria on her death bed, we don’t know if this family are going to survive, let alone find each other again.

It is such a beautiful, sad story. The last time a film made me cry this much was Ladder 49. What makes this film even more amazing is that the family is based on a real family and everything that happened is their story. Also, most of the extras in the film are all survivors of the tsunami. Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor also give incredible performances, reminding me that I cannot imagine what not only this family, but everyone in Thailand went through on that horrific day.

The only thing I will warn you of is, if like me, you aren’t a fan of gore on screen then grab a pillow as you will see some pretty graphic injuries!

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