Percy Jackson Instagram Party

Percy Jackson

I really liked Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief and was eager to see the second instalment. So when I was invited to a Percy Jackson Instagram party this week to see I just had to go.

While myself and some fellow bloggers were watching on comfy seats in a dark room in Soho (with Percy Pigs, beer and wine, popcorn and pizza) others were joining in around the UK watching the film on digital download and sharing pictures on Instagram during the film.

The second Percy Jackson outing isn’t as good as the first, for starters Pierce Brosnan has been replaced with Anthony Head. But Nathan Fillion is in the film playing Hermes and he certainly had all of us laughing out loud. ┬áThe film was also lacking any sight of the Olympians despite Percy and his brother calling on their father Poseidon for help. It’s a shame Poseidon and Zeus didn’t make an appearance, but the film was enjoyable.


Watching a film as part of an Instagram live party is quite fun, I’ll be joining in for the next one!

Percy Jackson Instagram party
Can you guess which one is me?!

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