How far can you go with a BIC pen?


How long can a BIC Cristal pen last? Well if you head to the Affordable Art Fair this weekend you can find out. BIC has teamed up with renowned artist, Funny Tummy, who recently penned international pop-star Rihanna’s portrait, to launch the 2013 BIC Cristal Challenge at London’s Affordable Art Fair.

Taking place between 24 and 27 October in London’s Battersea Park, art-lovers can pop along to the fair’s Artist In Residence stand to see Funny Tummy take on the BIC Cristal Challenge and create a giant London cityscape using just one BIC Cristal pen in a bid to use up all the ink.

Taking over five hours to sketch, the giant piece of art will use almost three kilometres of ink.  Those visiting the stand will also be treated to a BIC Cristal pen to get them doodling.

What can you do with 3km of ink? Well you could sign your signature up to 9,431 times, complete 986 sudoku puzzles or write 506 postcards.

If you managed to use up all the ink in your BIC Cristal, you can send back your empty pen to BIC and be rewarded with £10!

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