D is for Diamonds

d is for diamonds

Last night I attended the Other Criteria launch of ABC by Damien Hirst. It’s an ABC book for children using some of his most famous works of art. Is S for Skull? No. But D is for Diamonds, as in diamond skull. J is for Jaws (as in shark jaws), C is for Cow…you get the picture (pardon the pun).

Other Criteria ABC by Damien Hirst

The book is produced with ‘child friendly’ soya bean ink and the book acts as a perfect introduction to Hirst’s work, whilst also helping kids with their ABCs. It’s a really nice book, and even if you’re not a child it’s a great collection of his work and would look great on any bookshelf.

Damien Hirst skull paper weightsWhat was even more exciting was that as well as the book, Other Criteria also has a range of products inspired by Hirst’s art. My particular favourite is the diamond skull paper weights (there is also a really nice pin badge too) and the beautiful wallpaper collection.

The store, on Hinde Street, London hosted the launch party and I was delighted to get to see some original Damien Hirst art on display around the gallery. I wouldn’t mind having one of the butterfly pictures on my wall!

Damien Hirst Butterflies

For more information on the collection visit https://www.othercriteria.com/.

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