Robin Williams is one half of crazy


Another legend is back on TV. That of Robin Williams, starring alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar in The Crazy Ones. He plays the owner of an advertising agency which he co-runs with his daughter. Robin plays the person that we all love him for, the one that breaks out into random characters and voices when people are desperately trying to be serious.

The pilot episode shows the team pitching to McDonald’s, their biggest account which they are about to lose. He goes off on a tangent, pitches something they can’t possible secure and then ropes in Kelly Clarkson, who by the way is pretty funny (she sings a song about meat and sex)!

This is another comedy show that I think I’ll be checking out. It has a great ensemble cast, and with Kelly Clarkson in the pilot episode, I only hope that there will be more unexpected guest appearances to come.


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