Michael J. Fox is back!

The Michael J. Fox Show - Season Pilot

Woo hoo, Michael J. Fox is back on TV. After retiring from Spin City due to his Parkinson’s (although the odd cameo in shows like Scrubs kept him on our screens), he has finally decided to make a come back with his own show, a bit of life imitating art. In The Michael J. Fox Show he plays Michael Henry, a former news anchor who quit his day job due to having Parkinson’s and decides to focus on his family. His family are fed up with him at home and push for him to get back to work.

The show is quite raw and very funny. Michael makes fun at himself and his condition, but what it does go to show is that he hasn’t let the condition take over his life. I don’t think the jokes are inappropriate and uncomfortable. Some are in relation to how people react to him on the street, which I’m sure happens to him a lot. My favourite joke though, is when he is travelling in the back of a van with his colleague and she is getting motion sickness to which he responds with “For me, this is perfectly still.”

I read his autobiography a few years ago, I don’t read that many, but his was the best one I’ve read to date. It’s really gripping and funny. It’s also interesting to hear how far back he had symptoms, had major brain surgery and managed to hide it all from his colleagues and the public.

It’s great to have him back on TV and actually he seems to be at his comedy best. Look forward to seeing more of Mr Fox.

Image source: salon.com

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