How I Met Your Mother final season premiere

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 episode 1

So at last the final season has arrived *sob sob*, of How I Met Your Mother. I do love this show and will miss it, and if it wasn’t about how Ted met his kids mother it could probably go on, but we are fast approaching the time when the kids should be born, based on their ages in the future scenes.

The show returned last night to a double episode special, it was full of flashbacks over the past few days where season eight finished. Ted and Lily are on their way to the wedding together, Barney and Robin are travelling together and Marshall is trying to fly back from visiting his mum. We also know that the mother is getting a train there, she’s not part of the group  yet, or invited to the wedding, but it’s been implied before that she was in the band at the wedding, as we know she was the flatmate of Ted’s ex.

Lily and Ted have an argument so Lily decides to take the train the rest of the way, which is where she meets the mother who she gets on with, but uses as someone to vent her frustration at Ted to. When Lily arrives at the wedding everything carries on with the group in a way that we would only expect of them, minus Marshall who is still on route, but there is no sign of the mother again…yet. I’m sure she’ll be popping up in the next episode, they can’t really string along the Robin and Barney wedding for more than a few episodes surely?


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