New Girl – season 3 baby!


At last New Girl has returned for season three (man I love this time of year). With How I Met You Mother about to start its last season I’m glad that I have New Girl to keep me entertained…please don’t let it get cancelled after this season!

I was a bit annoyed by the season three promo revealing that Schmit, who was left with a dilemma about which girl to be with, decided to pick both girls. However, upon watching the first episode, realised that there is more to his story than that, in true Schmit style.

Nick and Jess are excited about their relationship and trying to deal with it, which means that they can’t deal with Schmits problems so they run away to Mexico. And poor Winston, who seems to have no purpose in the show currently, is getting even weirder by stripping naked and playing a puzzle…badly.

The show is still all good though, I love it for its randomness, so wouldn’t have it any other way.


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