Dads mean comedy


Another new comedy started this week – Dads. Its from the creators of TED and Family Guy and stars Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi so it should do well.

I checked out the first episode and it was quite funny. Seth and Giovanni play two best friends who run a computer games company. Both of them are fed up with their dads who happen to be living with them after failing miserably at their lives. Both of their dads are annoying for different reasons and also happen to be good friends.

Seth was always brilliant at comedy, Dr Evil’s son Scott has to be one of his best roles, but Giovanni was also brilliant as Phoebe’s brother in Friends. These two together have great chemistry and really bounce off each other. They work well with the dads too, although they feel a bit like they are finding their feet  with their roles, but like all sitcoms they will fall into them soon.

There is a bit of inappropriate jokes against Asian sterotypes, but when you look at those behind the show you don’t exactly expect them to do clean comedy. But still, is it right to use racism to get laughs? Especially, when you have Asian actors taking part in these jokes?

I think this is one that I will be checking out for a few more episodes to see how it plays out. I just hope they drop the racism.

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