The Mindy Project season 2

Mindy Project James Franco

The Mindy Project is the first of the fall season comedies to make its return to TV. The last season ended with Mindy chopping off her hair and agreeing to move to Haiti with her preacher boyfriend Casey. In the opening episode of season 2 Mindy seems to settle in to Haiti life (although clearly not really enjoying it) and the practice replaces Mindy with none other than James Franco – much to the annoyance of Danny.

It’s not long before Mindy returns following a medical emergency and it almost seems like any chance of her and Danny getting together are over with a last minute wedding. But don’t worry, things are all set right by the end of the episode. Although is there now a new love triangle in town?

If you haven’t seen Mindy yet do check it out. If you liked Scrubs and its quirkiness then you’ll love this.


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