Blackout – C4 impresses with its new drama


Last night I sat down and watched the new C4 drama Blackout, I often don’t watch shows the night they are on as I’m normally catching up on something else. Blackout is a collection of footage ‘filmed by people’ during a blackout in Britain following a cyber attack. The attack damages the National Grid, causing Britain to be without power for a week.

Real footage from the London riots and this year’s protests is used to show what happens when people get desperate and Britain is out of control. In between this footage is a series of stories from people caught up in the mess. A man who thinks of himself as the Bear Grylls of city survival, a girl and her brother who are stuck in hospital following an accident and a little girl and her mum trying to get grandma to check she is ok. These characters film what is happening to them during this time in a Blair Witch kind of style. It’s not scary, although I did jump out of my skin in the last five minutes – thanks for that C4, just before bed!

But what is great is that we see these characters go on a journey, some people we like, some we don’t, much like in a horror film, some of the storylines are a tad predictable, again much like a horror film, but what this has that man horror films don’t (although it is nowhere near as scary as a horror film) is that it feels real. Not like Cloverfield, which was filmed in the same way, but still clearly actors and a big budget. This feels like you are watching real people, in real situations.

What is even scarier, is watching this show and realising that the majority of the footage that is shown is actually real.

Blackout is available on 4OD.


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