What Brits mean, a translation guide

What Brits mean

I have a lot of readers who are based outside of the UK and thought I would share something that is old but has been trending on Twitter this week (and made it into the Daily Mail here in the UK).

I know from my travels around the USA that although we speak the same language, apparently us Brits are not that easy to understand (in Washington I once had to speak to three waiters and a manager to ask for a glass of water/tap water as they couldn’t understand what my friends and I were saying, apparently it sounded like we said vodka?!). But more than certain words, its phrases that we say and what we actually mean. For example, we are not ones for saying something is awesome or sick. But what we do say when something is good (but not amazing) is “that’s not bad”, but apparently that can be understood by others that it’s actually poor.

Check out the chart below for other examples of what us Brits say, what we mean and what others think we mean.



Image source: telegraph.co.uk / a cup of Jo

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