Look DJ-cool with Technics new headphones


This week I was kindly sent a pair of Panasonic Technics new DJ headphones to review. I watch a lot of content on my iPad when I’m on the go and if not watching then I’m listening to music so I always have a pair of earphones in my ear. I’ve recently been fed up with in-ear earphones as they never fit properly and don’t seem to last a year. So I was debating investing in some headphones instead. I’ve never really seen the value in paying more for headphones than the device I am listening to the music on, that is until I tried these out today.

The ear pieces fit perfectly over your ears, blocking out the outside noise (but not so much that you can’t hear a car approaching, which I like to be able to hear), they fold easily and are really compact and easy to slip into the carry case so they fit in my handbag. More than that the sound is amazing. I will now admit that I have changed my opinion, and will take back the many a debate I’ve had with my friend over the price of headphones (he often looses his but always pays a lot of money for them due to the sound quality). So far I’ve only listened to music and tested them out briefly on some film clips, but I can’t wait to put them to the full test when the autumn TV season starts.

These headphones are made for DJs so they product a crisp sound quality, but I think they are perfect for on-the-go film and TV watching too. They also come with two cords, a coiled one and a detachable cord with a built in mic and volume adjuster which is great for using with your iPhone.

Here are the details you need to know:

  • Professional DJ Headphones
  •  Outstanding design
  •  Volume control & In line mic
  •  High Input (3500mW)
  •  Powerful 50mm Drive unit for superior sound
  •  Gold plated L-Plug & Twist- in type plug adaptor
  •  Foldable design
  •  Coiled and detachable cord
  •  Carry pouch included
  •  Frequency response 5Hz- 30kHz

Prices start at £169.99

* Disclamer: I was sent this product to review on my blog. I was under no obligation to write a favourable review and have not been paid to write this post

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