Olympus Has Fallen Blu-Ray review

Gerard Butler

I’m a big Gerard Butler fan, ever since he was in Lucy Sullivan is getting married (bet not many people have seen him in that) and he was the first celebrity I every saw that was actually taller than me when I started working in the media/PR world. So he is certainly a celebrity that pulls me in to watching a film (although I still haven’t recovered from Bounty Hunter or his awful Irish accent in P.S. I Love You). This week I watched Olympus Has Fallen which is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray.

It is a very brave film for Hollywood, especially in the current climate but also to focus on a film which shows the White House under a terrorist attack. The film focuses on the White House, which whilst receiving a visit from the South Korean Prime Minister, is attacked by North Korea. It John McClane style, only one man can save the day, and that is former head of the President’s security, turned pencil pusher after an incident he can’t recover from, played by Gerard Butler.

The film is quite graphic with its violence, not 300 style, but more in the sense that what is happening on screen is believable. I’m not normally a fan of violence and gore, but it is so fast paced I can cope with it. Gerard Butler also has some rather quick-hand fight moves, blink and you’ll miss him taking a knife from your hand and tabbing you with it.

This is a great film for action-loving fans, I’d recommend it to all.


Image source: courier-journal.com

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