I went to a preview screening of Lovelace last week, I was aware of who Linda Lovelace was and her infamous film (although I have never seen it). I also knew that she became an anti-porn campaigner. But I didn’t know much more about her life than that. This film portrays her life in a very balanced way.

The first half of the film shows how she met her husband and became the biggest porn star in the world. The second half goes back through and shows everything that she was going through during that time. The violence and bullying she received from her husband. The fact that he forced her into prostitution and pornography to pay his drug debts.

She suffered some horrific beatings and rapes all to help her husband. You may wonder why she didn’t walk away from him sooner. Her mother was a strong catholic, who forced upon her daughter that she must support and obey her husband. So when she to her mother for help, she was returned to her husband to continue in that lifestyle.

Eventually she made a break, formed a new life for herself and decided to tell her story. Amanda Seyfried plays a great Linda Lovelace. It”s nice to see her in a role where she isn’t playing the stereotypical, all singing girl next door. But the shining performance of the film is Sharon Stone. She is almost unrecognisable as Linda’s mother, and despite playing what some might see as a cruel mother, she actually brought tears to my eyes.

I didn’t expect to walk out of the cinema feeling so emotional after this film. In fact I didn’t expect to walk out of the cinema with it making such an impact on me at all.

I highly recommend going to see this film, but would stress that this is not a date movie, not a girly night out. You need to prepare that, like me and my friend afterwards, that you will probably want to go for a stiff drink (or in our case a porn star martini) to unwind afterwards.

Lovelace is in UK cinemas from tomorrow, Friday 23 August.

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