Come on and do the conga!

Parrot Bay cocktails

You may recall last week I shared with you an event I was working on (for my day job) that was National Shorts Day. This was to launch the new Parrot Bay freeze and squeeze cocktail range. On National Shorts Day (15 August), a frozen Caribbean beach was created in London by Tower Bridge which featured two ice sculpture palm trees, a frozen sun lounger and a hammock.

Apprentice runner-up Luisa Zissman also lead a conga across Tower Bridge with hundreds of commuters following her to the beach. Check out the video below:

I was lucky enough to sample one of the new cocktails, I love making frozen margaritas at home, but decided to try the piña colada, after all, it is totally a holiday cocktail. I know lots of people that love them, but would never order one here in London…at least now you can enjoy them at home. I have to say it was really yummy, if you don’t like piña colada usually because of the creamy-ness then you will like these as they have the taste but are not cream based. My second favourite was the berry flavour (I tried a sip). They are available in all major supermarkets priced at around £2.49. You need to freeze them overnight and then take them out of the freezer and leave them on the side for a few minutes then simply squeeze into your cocktail glass. If you have them I recommend the straws with a spoon on the end, if not then you might want a spoon to avoid waiting for it to melt.


I was provided a sample by Parrot Bay but was not encouraged to provide a positive review – thoughts are my own.

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