How to handle big hair: argan oils review

big hair
Could you handle this hair?

I have big hair. My hair is thick. Some people think their hair is as thick as mine, and then they hear I get turned away from hairdressers and they realise that their’s isn’t that bad. It has only happened three times in my life, but has resulted in me only getting my hair cut about once a year since I lost contact with the only person who seemed to cope with my mane.

Not only is my hair thick, it is also curly, making it prone to frizz. I am lucky that it doesn’t get greasy, so I can go a several days before it needs a wash (how would I cope if I had to sort it out on a daily basis?! When Argan Oil arrived on the market I was delighted, finally something that could help maintain my mane.

moroccan oil.The first bottle I tested out was Moroccanoil, which was the first I’d spotted on the scene in London hairdressers. It’s not cheap at about £12.30 for a 25ml bottle, but it did the job – although I wasn’t sure it was worth the money for the amount of hair I have and therefore the amount I need to use.




Avon Argan OilI then tried out Avon’s Argan Oil, which also has a shampoo and conditioner in the range. I love this range, but I tend to only get hold of it when I visit my mum’s and remember to put on her shopping list.





I’ve been using the Hask Argan Oil, £2.50 from Primark recently. This stuff is great, but I do use a lot of it. Although at the bargain price of £2.50 the quantity doesn’t bother me that much. It’s also easy to pick up in bulk from Primark on Oxford Street on my way home from work.




REF Argan OilLast week, I was sent a bottle of REF Argan Oil, which is priced at about £16.95. This stuff again isn’t the cheapest, but what it is very thick, meaning that you don’t need to use as much. It has certainly helped to keep my hair frizz free and one I’ll certainly be considering using again.




Some of these products I purchased myself and others were sent to me to try out, but I was not encouraged to provide a positive review. These are my own thoughts based on using these products.

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