Burger off: Five Guys

five guys

Next up on my best of the burger joints is Five Guys. I have to say I much preferred Five Guys to Shake Shack, in terms of food, however I don’t think the menu was that clear, if you think you are ordering the standard you are actually ordering the large (two burgers in a bun), forget MacDonald’s and the ‘would you like to go large’, at Five Guys you want to go small!

Having said that, the fries are amazing, as is the burger. It’s nice and simple. A cheese burger, you can add some toppings, e.g. bbq sauce, peppers, etc for free. Oh and there are free monkey nuts.

The venue looks like a diner, plays music like T.G.I. Friday’s but sadly doesn’t have the atmosphere to match. It is more like a glorified MacDonald’s which is a shame as there is potential for this place.

Overall I’d give it 7/10.

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