Bring home the wall vinyls

wall vinyls

So as i mentioned previously, I have a trend of adding a wall vinyl to my bedroom wall (see above my last two wall quotes). It beats hammering nails into the walls when you are renting, and they simply peel off the wall when you move out with no damage to the paint. Plus they are a lot cheaper than buying a giant canvas for a large wall.

I can’t decide what to go for this time, so have had a look round and here are a few of my favourites:

Banksy Balloon Girl wall vinyl

Banksy Balloon Girl, Red Candy from £9

This would make a great feature in a living room




stag blackboard wall stickerStag Blackboard, Red Candy £36

I want one of these for my kitchen, perfect for writing the shopping list!




271083207497_2Aerosmith, ebay from £7.99

Could be a bit creepy having this about your bed, but it is a beautiful song.




Rhianna wall stickerRhianna, ebay from £8.99

A great message to wake up to every morning, plus it fills lots of space.




Audrey Hepburn wall stickerAudrey Hepburn, DaWanda £16.40

I have a wall in my living room that is crying out for Audrey, would go perfectly with my Gone With the Wind and vintage Grand Central Station prints.




mR1xjFenWLoIGUGUHj7lKrAPersonalised Disney name, ebay from £2.99

Everyone wants their name is the Disney font right? Although this is probably more for a kid’s bedroom than an adults 🙁






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