Burger off: Shake Shack

shake shack

With all of the burger invasion craziness that’s been going on here in London recently, I’ve decided that there is only one thing for it…try them out for myself. The first place I’ve visited is Shake Shake. Apologies for the half eaten burger, but I was so hungry I started eating before I took a snap!

There is still a queue into the place, several weeks after opening, but no more than 10 minutes. Once inside you order…like you would at Burger King but they give you a buzzer to wait for your food, then head to a window outside and wait for your buzzer to go off to collect your food.

It is really well presented, the burger is lovely, but the crinkly fries to me seem and taste more of a supermarket own-label frozen fries then what I would expect next to a juicy burger.

Overall I’m rating it 6/10

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