Clissold Park: A new home, a new place to play

Clissold Park in the sun

A couple of weeks ago I moved house, which will explain my quietness while I wait for my broadband to be installed this weekend – I’ll be back with a bang then. I’ve moved from the heart of Islington’s Angel to the more angelic part of Islington that is Stoke Newington (although technically I’m on the cusp of Stokey and Highbury Park).

With this move I have lost my garden (which to be honest was all paving slabs and never caught the sun), but what I have gained is the beautiful Clissold Park as my new back garden. I’m only a stone’s throw away from the park so, while the sun is out I will be spending my weekends enjoying the sun from there. I ventured there is weekend and was surprised when I arrived at about 11am on Sunday how few people were yet to sit out in the sun (see above picture)…although by the time I left to head home and watch Murray win Wimbledon (what a moment in history) it was packed.

The weekend before we had a steam fair, which looked amazing, but after the candy floss, I realised that unless you are a parent or a child then the fair isn’t that exciting. There are deer, goats and chickens  in an enclosure in the park, there is a paddling pool for families (you can hear the kids screams as they get splashed for miles), an aviary, a butterfly dome, tennis courts, table tennis and a beautiful cafe in Clissold House. So much to do and see. I think this will keep me occupied for a while.

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