True Blood Season 6 finally returns


The waiting is over, True Blood returned to our screens this weekend, if like me you can’t remember much of what happened in the season finale then fear not as there is a very detailed previously on at the start of the episode. I’ll try not to give too much away, but just in case you haven’t watched it yet I wouldn’t read on in case of any *spoiler alerts*.

I have recently had my head down in other shows such as Game of Thrones and Vikings and surprisingly forgot how violent True Blood is, you would expect that I wouldn’t be shocked any more after the other shows.

True_Blood_Season_6_Promo_Still_001But it has returned with a bang, blood did spill, literally, in the form of a full body cover of blood on Bill and his latter summoning of Jessica. Jason is his usual wannabe dumb hero, Lafyette is his brilliant self, Sam is dealing with loosing a loved one, Andy is trying to cope with his freaky litter of kids and Alcide is leading his new pack (along with having a threesome)  – it’s all happening in the show, but what is still bubbling along is Sookie and Eric. Eric is showing, if possible, an even softer side than we have seen so far and Sookie seems to have decided she has had enough of it all.

I expect that isn’t going to happen for long after a certain old school vamp Jason bumps into….roll on episode 2…back to #waitingsucks


Image sources: aceshowbiz.con, True Blood Wiki

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