The Man of Steel is back

Man of Steel

On Friday the moment I have been waiting for since Superman’s last outing had arrived. I of course, headed to the IMAX to enjoy my first viewing of Man of Steel. Hats off the Zack Snyder and his team, because they have produced what I personally believe is the best outing of Superman ever.

Henry Cavill already had the look of Superman, but seeing him actually playing him has proved that he IS Superman. He is a great actor who has finally got his calling, and he certainly put the work in to make us believe he is Superman, just check out the scene when he gets out of the sea. He’s not the only one though, I knew Amy Adams would be a brilliant Lois Lane and she didn’t disappoint, Russell Crowe was a great Jor-El, and had a lot more screen time (and action) than I expected – this was not a bad thing, and Michael Shannon was a very scary General Zod.

There is also a clear Christopher Nolan influence on this film, Superman has been given a Dark Knight makeover. Superman was never exactly a dark character, but in this film they have managed to show that although he doesn’t have a dark side, he certainly doesn’t have reasons to be happy all the time.

My favourite part of this film is the first fight scene with Superman and General Zod. It clearly shows 33 years of bully rage, where Clark has not been able to fight back all those kids that picked on him, and then suddenly a bully that he can fightback with comes along, he is going to fight back. And fight hard.

And it seems I’m not the only one that thinks this film is great. It, broke box office records in the UK before it was even in cinemas and it has already been confirmed for a sequel. It made $125 million in the US and $5.2 million in the UK.

Man of Steel is very much an origin story, and only touches on the start of Clark Kent/Superman so it is going to be interesting to see where Superman’s story is going to go through this franchise.

I will be going to the cinema to see it again, as waiting for the blu-ray release is just too long to wait.

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