Superman: The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel review


I’ve found more to keep me going while I wait over the next couple of weeks for Man of Steel. The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel. Everything you need to know about Superman. This book has full details of his powers, battles, loves, allies and not forgetting his enemies.

The book is created in collaboration with Warner Bros and DC Entertainment and is packed with original comic book art, it is a window into the 70 year history of the most loved superhero. This is a colourful book with everyone you need to know. I think I will be closing the cover of my Superman encyclopaedia and turning to this ultimate guide.

My favourite section is the style evolution where you can see Superman in comic book form through the years. He has mostly had subtle improvements (apart from 1993 following the Death of Superman, where he wore all black, no cape and a mullet!).

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