What’s your favourite Superman cover?


Man of Steel is almost upon us, and after picking up the latest issue of SFX with Supes on the front I decided to dig through my collection of covers. Since Superman Returns hit cinemas in 2006 I started collecting all film and sci-fi related magazines with a Superman cover. These covers are inspired by Superman Returns, Smallville and Man of Steel.

Do you remember them and which one is your favourite?

1. Total Film – issue 116, July 2006 – starting with my favourite cover, this is Daily Planet inspired cover with a hologram of Brandon Routh as Superman and Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent. So you can see it here are three pictures of the hologram.




2. Empire – July 2006 – Another hologram cover of Brandon Routh, this one shows him flying up, up and away.

Empire 1

3. SciFINow – issue 41, 2010 – The announcement that Smallville season 10 would be the last in the series, this cover feature Tom Welling as Clark Kent with a Superman ‘S’ burnt into his t-shirt.

SFN clark

4.  DVD Review – issue 155, July 2011 – This issue features Tom Welling, Christopher Reeve and Henry Cavill as the magazine highlights the Blu-Ray boxset of Superman, the end of Smallville and news about Man of Steel.


5. SciFiNow – issue 51, 2011 – A simple cover of a silver Superman ‘S’ with a black background to mark the end of an era as the Smallville show finale approaches.


6. SciFiNow – issue 6 – Featuring Smallville’s Supergirl this cover is the only one in my collection that has the female superhero.


7. Total Film – issue 184, September 2011 – The announcement of Henry Cavill as the next Superman, a simple Superman ‘S’ can be seen discreetly on Henry’s grey t-shirt under his jacket. No something we would see him wearing in the film (the yellow has been dropped from the costume after all), but just something to help us picture him as the man of steel.

TF Henry

8. Total Film – issue 205, May 2013 – this cover features Man of Steel’s Superman and Lois Lane together.


9. Empire – June 2013 – the latest Empire cover, no headlines of what’s inside, this cover is enough to sell this issue as it just features the Man of Steel.

Empire 2

10. SFX – June 2013 – my latest edition to my collection, this cover features Henry Cavill as Superman.

Which one is your favourite cover and are there any that I have missed?

Image source: comicbookresources.com

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