What would Ryan Lochte do?


I’ve seen all of the trailers for E!’s new show What Would Ryan Lochte Do and thought it looked quite funny so decided to check it out. Well the first episode aired last night in the UK and it had my flatmate and I in stitches.

The funniest thing is that Ryan constantly refers to himself in the third person, for example “for me being Ryan Lochte is awesome” or “Ryan Lochte is going zip lining!”. He is apparently America’s sexiest douchebag, but he doesn’t even know what the word means (apparently┬áneither does anyone else in the UK – clearly I watch far too much American television). He is also apparently looking for ‘the one’, but doesn’t think he will find her anytime soon so he is simply enjoying life dating many beautiful women.

He does seem to be the new Jessica Simpson of reality TV (he isn’t the brightest spark), but he is a brilliant swimmer and from only the first episode we can see that he is a real family guy and has a lovely relationship with his brother, sisters and mother that many people would be envious of.

I am looking forward to the next episode – #Jeah!


Image source: meatlockersports.com

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