Preview Man of Steel score


The music behind Superman is as famous as the man who wears pants over tights. In Man of Steel we know that the pants have been dropped, but what of the iconic John Williams score? Zack Snyder brought in Hans Zimmer, the man behind the music in hits such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Inception and the Dark Knight.

Today a sample of his music has been released ahead of the soundtrack going on sale.  From the six minutes of clips I haven’t heard anything that stands up to Williams’ legendary tune, but does this mean that the music just isn’t as good, or his never created music for the opening sequence, thus leaving space for us all to hear the classic again? We do know that this is a reboot, and if you hang too much on the past it is very hard to get people to see you in a new light.

So I expect there will not be any sight (or should that be sound) of one of the best movie musical scores in the history of film being resurrected. You can hear the music below, what do you think?



Source: Starburst magazine

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