Man of Steel gets a new trailer…and it’s awesome!


I am really getting excited now (even though I have Iron Man 3 to watch next week first) as the Superman reboot – Man of Steel approaches. I woke up this morning to stumble across the latest trailer and it seems to have set the world with excitement. In less than 12 hours it has received over 1.6 million views, will only a handful of dislikes (you can’t please everyone).

It’s the first time we get to hear Zod and Lois speak. The trailer is dramatic, pulls on the family drama heart strings and ends with a bit of comedy with Amy Adams as Lois Lane, to quote her:

Lois: “What does the S stand for?”

Superman: “It’s not an S, in my world it means hope”

Lois: “Well here it’s an S, what about supe…” [she is interrupted by a loud static microphone noise]

I know some people aren’t the biggest fans of Zack Snyder or his work, but I do think Watchmen and 300 are brilliant pieces of cinematography and can’t wait to see what he has done with my favourite superhero. Watch the full trailer below, I suggest you full screen it as you don’t want to miss an inch of it!


Image source: digital spy

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