Only God Forgives finally gets a trailer


This is a trailer I have been waiting for yet dreading at the same time. Last time Ryan Gosling partnered with Nicolas Winding Refn we had the amazing Drive, a film that was beautiful and moving, yet had me hiding behind a pillow at the same time. The violence was well and truly graphic (the sound effects for the skull smashing scene have stayed with me), yet the soundtrack is incredible and still on my daily playlist.

Well their new collaboration, Only God Forgives, has got a trailer and it seems set to be as big a hit as its predecessor. The trailer features a black eyed (or more like a one eyed) Gosling who has a love of fights. Kristin Scott Thomas plays his mother in the film and I have to say she looks incredible. The trailer has an adult warning (so watch out if you view the below), but I have to say I could cope with it. The only disappointment for me is that the poster features a gruesome Gosling, which I’m sure will disappoint many a woman across the globe.

Once The Place Beyond the Pines, Only God Forgives and the untitled Terrence Malick project have hit our screens (yes Ryan is doing three films in a matter of months again), he won’t be on our screens for a while as he takes a break from acting to get behind the camera for his directorial debut – How to Catch a Monster. We’ll just have to enjoy the pictures of him on the red carpet and perhaps finally getting the award recognition at next year’s Academy and BAFTA awards.

Only God Forgives is in cinemas in May 2013.


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