Oz the Great and Powerful


I’ve always been a fan of Oz related adaptions, with the original colour screenplay, The Wizard of Oz being my favourite (followed by Wicked the musical which I had the pleasure of seeing on the West End with Idina Menzel in the title role). So when I heard that Disney was bringing a prequel to our screens I got excited. Like Alice in Wonderland, Oz is a book that is made for the big screen with the current technology we have.

I went to see it over the Easter Weekend, and I have to say I was extremely pleased with the film in front of me. I was hoping that the 3D experience would be good and wouldn’t disappoint like many films…and it didn’t. The film, like the 1939 movie, starts in black and white, on a small square screen (don’t ask me about ratios, I’m not that technical). While he is in the tornado, as you would expect, there are many things flying around, and with the 3D it feels like they are flying at you. Once the wizard enters Oz the screen turns to colour and the screen widens as we take in the scenery with him. It is a beautiful experience.

There are great performances all round, and the makeover of a certain witch (I don’t want to give away too much) is impressive. There are 20 books written by L. Frank Baum, and whilst I don’t think they will all make it to the bog screen, I really hope that Oz the Great and Powerful is the first of many to bring this wonderful land back to our screens.

Image source: Breit Bart

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