Bates Motel


When I heard that a prequel to Psycho was being adapted into a TV show, I did wonder how much of a back story to the killer there really was. The pilot episode of Bates Motel was really interesting, we start with his dead father, wondering if his mother killed him rather than it being an accident. Then then move to the motel and that is where the drama begins. I won’t give away anymore, but a lot happens, especially for a pilot, it’s like the return of Dallas! However, I do however question, how long can this story go on for?

Knowing the studios, if the show is a hit it will get signed on for a few more series, but I just can’t see that there is enough of a story to fill. However, I am happy to be proved wrong!

I should also add that the show stars Brit actor Freddie Highmore (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, August Rush and Finding Neverland) as Norman Bates and Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air, Source Code and The Departed) as his mother Norma. Both are brilliant actors and perfect casting.


Image source: Comic Book Resources

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