Long live the 30 minute sitcom

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This morning I was thinking how perfect the 30 minute shows (well more like 22 mins when you remove ad breaks) are perfect for my bus journey to and from work.I don’t have to get into the show, only to have to pause it till my return journey. Shows like New Girl, Suburgatory, Whitney and 2 Broke Girls fill journey over the last couple of years. Before that it was only really How I Met Your Mother. In fact, this train of thought led me to distraction from getting ready for work while I started to research if it had yet been confirmed that How I Met Your Mother would come to an end – this week’s episode certainly implied that.

If How I Met Your Mother (or HIMYM – pronounced Him-Yim as my friend Sofie and I like to call it) ends, what will I tune into instead?

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Well, lucky for me, as I had the living room to myself this evening, I decided to channel hop and stumbled across The Mindy Project, and it happened to be the pilot episode. I am normally good at spotting new shows and watching at least the first episode to see if it is a show worth watching, but somehow I missed this one. I have to say I liked it. I’m certainly going to check out other episodes, but it had a nice style. It’s about a doctor called Mindy who wants a rom com style romance. In her words – “I’m Sandra Bullock”. She has a an ex-dentist boyfriend who dumps her and marries another woman, a hot English doctor chasing after her for fun and an annoying divorced doctor who keeps trying to give her his two cents – I have a feeling he is the one that her fairytale is going go with.

Are there any other shows you recommend?


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