Lawless review


When I saw that Lawless and Gangster Squad were coming out that they were two similar films from two different studios. Although both based on true stories, I couldn’t however have been more wrong about these films. Lawless, is equally as violent, but follows a family of brothers who produce moonshine during the prohobition era. Their bootlegging trade is threatened by a new deputy who wants a cut of their profits.

Tom Hardy cardiganTom Hardy is amazing as always in this film, as is Guy Pearce as the ‘weird haired’ deputy. It’s also an interesting role for Shia LaBeouf and a small appearance from Gary Oldman.

What I found most interesting about this story **SPOILER ALERT** is that one man survived having his throat cut open, being shot several times, yet died of pneumonia.

Tom Hardy also rocks a grey cardigan in this film and is still looking pretty beefy – grandadĀ meets Bane.


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