Gangster Squad review


Gangster Squad is one of many films that I have been willing 2013 to hurry up and arrive for so I was straight to the cinema this weekend to enjoy it. It has been too long without a Ryan Gosling film at a cinema (in 2011 we had three in two months!) but also without another brilliant performance from Sean Penn. These actors might have been snubbed from OSCAR and BAFTA best actor nominations but they certainly entertained me.

The first five minutes were pretty violent (a man is split in two) so I was worried that I was going to be watching the entire film through my hands…and that is no way to watch Ryan Gosling. However that seemed to be the worst of it. For those of you that like the violence don’t think you will be disappointed. It’s all in there, throughout the film just not quite as hardcore as the start.

Ryan Gosling is great as always, his carefree Sgt. Jerry shows his emotional side when people he cares about are caught in the middle of a war with the baddest man in town. He does however  seem to talk with a funny voice but it soon subsides once he gets in the swing of things. As with Crazy, Stupid, Love. his chemistry with Emma Stone is great.

Sean Penn is just phenomenal as Mickey Cohen, he certainly worked out  for this role so you believe that he’s a boxing man, he presence on screen makes you really not want to mess with this man!

If you haven’t seen it yet, get yourself down to the cinema now!

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