Matt Bomer for Christian Grey


Ok, I’ve read all of the books, I’m aware of all of the ‘favourites’ to play Christian Grey and now is the time for me to put forward why Matt Bomer, of White Collar fame should be top of the list to play the loveable (all be it troubled) male lead in the film adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey.

…he has the looks, when you read how Christian is described in the book Matt will pretty much tick all the boxes

Matt Bomer 50 shades

..he can do dark and moody, he was after all a mysterious spy in the hit TV show Chuck

Matt Bomer Chuck

…he can do troubled, just look at his character in In Time

Matt Bomer In Time

…he can do funny, his character in White Collar might be a criminal, but he also makes us laugh

Matt Bomer WhiteCollar

…he is musical, he can sing and dance as we saw in Glee when he played Blaine’s older brother

Matt Bomer Glee

…he can do sexy, he was a stripper in Magic Mike, need I say more?

Matt Bomer Magic Mike

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