Tom Hardy, the actor of 2012 and beyond


In 2012 Tom Hardy was easily the most talked about celebrity. Looking on IMDB he was the most popular day in, day out and he certainly drew a lot of attention to my blog whenever I mentioned him. But what is so great about Tom? Wait. Before you start yelling at me, I only ask this as for us Brits, Tom has been around for a while, in fact he has even been in the odd Hollywood film over a decade ago, yet in the last couple of years he has suddenly become a ‘new face’ on the movie scene. So, to add my thoughts, here are a few reasons why I think he is so in demand.

…he’s a real human being

He struggled, he’s had a past, before hitting the big time he openly talked about his rent boy background, stealing cars, drug and alcohol abuse and generally being on the wrong side of the tracks. He once admitted waking up in LA after he was supposed to meet a Hollywood director to discuss a role and found himself in bed with a man with a gun…and a cat?! But all of that is in his past now. The only drinking, drug taking or car stealing you’ll see Tom doing with be of the acting variety on the big screen.

…he’s British

Now before I offend any Americans, Hollywood does love a Brit actor. One in four American TV pilots star a British actor, Brits pretty much always play the bad guy, hey they don’t mind if it helps them crack America and they are the most obvious and comfortable choice for any period drama.

…he’s adaptable

His accent is never the same as he picks up on the accents around him, this means he doesn’t sound like the kids where he grew up. One day he might sound a little American and another day he might sound like a posh Englishman.

…he is a perfectionist

Hardy wants to be the best at whatever he does, if he’ playing a villain then he will be the most terrifying one we’ve seen. If he is playing  a violent thug, then he will be the one you really don’t want to mess with. If he’s the token Englishman then he’l be an absolute gent. His character in the British TV show Cape Wrath was so creepy that it took me a while to like him as an actor again.

…he gains and looses weight like there’s no tomorrow

When filming Bronson in 2008, Hardy had five weeks to gain 42lbs for the role, that consisted of eating lots of chocolate and pizza and carrying his best friend and trainer Peanut up and down stairs (Peanut is not a small guy!). He then lost the weight, only to gain 20lbs for Warrior, but before he could rest up and loose that weight he needed to gain 30lbs in muscle for the role of Bane for 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, but he had four months for that one.

Are there any other reasons that I’m missing?

The next role you can expect to see Tom in is the remake of Mad Max, playing none other than the title character. See below for a sneak peak of him as Max.


Image sources: Fan Share/ g4tv

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