Kick-Ass 2 in London

Oh yes, filming has moved from Toronto to London, and where else then right across the street from my office. I have seen no sightings of any cast members yet, but my colleague spotted Aaron Taylor-Johnson and someone at Yahoo! seems to have spotted him in costume too. I have however seen a piece of New York with a yellow taxi and an NYPD car (pictured above) parked on the street to give it more of a NY feel.

The filming is taking place on Denmark Street and the famous Tin Pan Alley. Apparently they have been there since the weekend, and I’m hoping they stay for a while as I’m enjoying the view!

I hope they realise they have a big sci-fi geek just yards away from their location. But they have nothing to fear, I will not be stomping on their ground…just walking past every morning, on my way into work, in the hope that I might spot Nicolas Cage!

I will certainly keep you guys posted.

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