The ultimate Halloween party

Halloween comes but once a year and it’s a time to let your wild side out. Halloween events can often lead to disappointment, but a house party always rocks!

Here’s what you need for the ultimate house party:

1. The costume

I went for a classic vampire/ Vampire teeth from in Camden, Rimmell Kate Moss Matte Lipstick, dress River Island, hair fascinator Primark and bottle of Tru Blood from Cyber Candy.

My friend Naomi went for Dracula’s bride, the majority of her outfit was at bargain prices from the 99p Store, but her wonderfully modeled tights were Pamela Mann Twicker Tights from

And then Lauren went as Sookie Stackhouse, her blood is very tasty!

I also had these awesome Bella Twilight contact lenses, I just sadly couldn’t get them in my eyes…I’ll keep practicing. Available for £14.99 from MesmerEyez. (image from

2. The decorations

First off we have this awesome skull which was a bargain at £15 from Wilkinsons. This was certainly the center of attention at the party.

We also had the classic spider web so we put some on the fan and added a spider, when the fan is turned on it looks pretty cool.

This scary drape was across our kitchen door, although beware if the door is closed behind it, slightly embarrassing when you walk straight in to it…not that I did that or anything!

3. The food

These Morrisons pumpkin marshmallow biscuits went down a treat.

We served chilli dogs (my flatmates had just got back from a trip to New York) and had some mega hot sauces to top them off with including Bat’s Brew, Vampfire and the above Ass Reaper…too hot for me to handle.

Here is Liam with the Bat’s Brew…drinking like this is NOT recommended! The Vampfire and Bat’s Brew are £1.99 each and the Ass Reaper is £7.99, all from Hot-Headz.

4.  The drinks

We served cosmos and raspberry mojitos all with a touch of grenadine to make them extra red. We had the Funkin ready to serve cartons, all we needed to add was the rum or vodka. No chance of getting it wrong.

My drink of choice was Tru Blood, you may have seen it served to many a vampire in the HBO TV series True Blood, this version, although it says O Positive was not actually blood. It was a fizzy blood orange drink, which I added vodka to…and when that went down I filled the bottle up with the mojito.

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