Emily Owens M.D. review

Did you just do a double take at the picture above? No it’s not Meryl Streep, but it is her daughter Mamie Gummer. The trailer for this show looked quite interesting so it was another one I was interested to check out. Yes this is a medical drama, yes it does have a sense of humour, but Grey’s Anatomy or Scrubs it is not. This show is somewhere in the middle of the two.

Emily Owens is starting her first day as a surgical intern, she is a grown up, she is a doctor, yet somehow she is back at high school. He arch┬ánemesis is also an intern at the same hospital, her med school crush is there with her, she has a scary teacher and head master and still doesn’t feel like she is the ‘cool kid’.

The show is really funny, but I still get the feeling that it could bring a tear to my eye with the patient stories. Mamie shows signs of being a brilliant actress just like her Oscar-winning mum.


Image source: Television Blend

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