Nashville review

I’m not really a country music fan, but I thought I would check out Nashville. I loved Connie Britton in American Horror Story and was intrigued to see Hayden Panettiere in a new TV role…one that wasn’t a death defying cheerleader.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this show. Not only do our two leading ladies sing their own songs, with some pretty impressive vocals, but this show isn’t just another musical. This is a drama which happens to be about some singers. Connie plays an aging singer Rayna Jaymes who isn’t selling as many tickets at her concerts as she once was. The only way she can save her career is to team up with teen sensation Juliette Barnes (Hayden). Rayna’s dad is in politics and is using Rayna’s husband for his work benefit and Juliette seems to have some demons, and a druggie mother. All of this makes for what I can expect to be some powerful drama.

Dallas it isn’t, but if you are a fan of country then this really will be for you.


Image source: Music Week

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