Beauty and the Beast the remake review

I was a BIG fan of the 80’s hit show Beauty and the Beast, so was intrigued to find out what this new look would be like. Starring Kristin Kreuk from Smallville and Jay Ryan from Neighbours, some of you might also recognise Max Brown from Grange Hill and Tudors fame.

This time round there is no lion-like make up for our beast. Instead he was a soldier who was used for an experiment gone wrong and turns into a beast. I guess this is as part of the modern day world where such a beauty couldn’t fall for an ugly guy. Despite the scar on his face, our Jay is still rather handsome.

The pilot episode was not bad, this show has a similar feel to the Vampire Diaries, Smallville, etc. The Secret Circle didn’t last, but that was just the Vampire Diaries but witches – and we already had the Vampire Diaries. I do however think that there is room for this show.

Arrow is still my favourite of the new sci-fi CW shows though!

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