Partners the new sitcom review

Now this is a show that I haven’t heard much about, but stumbled across it when checking out the fall TV Guide. I thought Michael Urie was brilliant in Ugly Betty and have been a fan of Brandon Routh since Superman Returns so was eager to check this show out. However, I’m not sure about it. The show is funny, but as with most sitcoms starring well known actors, it’s hard to enjoy them in the laugh out loud comedy because, and this might just be me, I see them as the actor rather than the character. With Friends, Will & Grace, etc they worked as we didn’t really know the actors before the show so we believed them as their characters. With Two and a Half Men, we’ve seen Ashton Kutcher in this type of comedy before, but it just doesn’t seem to work now he is an A-lister.

Oh and one more thing, in-between scenes are annoying clapping/drum sounds, a bit like the “meeeeeeeeen” in-between scenes in Two and a Half Men. There is no need for it!

If you can get past this, then you will enjoy this show but I’m not sure how long I will stick with it.

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