Arrow review

At last, the show I’ve been looking forward to. The one that will hopefully fill the void that Smallville left has finally arrived and I am pleased to say the first episode did not disappoint. For those that don’t know, Arrow is an adaptation of the DC Comic Green Arrow, which follows Oliver Queen, the playboy son of a billionaire businessman, who goes missing with his father, only to finally return with secret skills with a bow and arrow. He uses his skills to become a better man and help others.

Don’t expect however that it is going to be like Smallville, because it isn’t – although it does subtly use the colour green throughout the show, as Smallville did with red, blue and yellow. Although we saw Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow in Smallville, played by Justin Hartley, he was all techy gadgets and private jets. This show is more action than special effects, focusing on the story about a mans skills rather than powers.

This time round, Oliver Queen is played by Stephen Amell, who you may recognise as the hot paramedic that dated Violet in Private Practice. I really enjoyed this show and will be sticking with it.┬áIf you’re not sure about checking out this show, I promise it is worth it just for his workout scene. Girls you will watch in awe and guys you’ll be wanting to try those moves! If you just want to see the workout scene there is a clip in the video below (just skip to 1.20:


image source: The Hollywood News
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