Top 5 Henry Cavill roles

You may not think that there are even enough roles to pick from for this up and coming actor, but he has been acting since he was a teen. And while we *patiently* wait for the release of Man of Steel (roll on 14 June 2013), I thought I’d select my top five Henry Cavill on-screen roles.

1. Charles Brandon, The Tudors

What’s not to like? He manages to hold his own against the ego of Henry VIII.

2. Theseus, Immortals

Henry’s first lead role in this Greek mythology and we get our first glimpse of this sci-fi hero in action (although he looks rather skinny compared to his Kal-El figure (see last image).

3. Albert Mondego, The Count of Monte Cristo

Not many people know or remember that he was in this film, when he popped up it was clear that he was a mini Jim Caviezel.

4. Melot, Tristan + Isolde

With long hair (my favourite) starring alongside James Franco.

5. Will, The Cold Light of Day

This is where we really see the start of a real action hero, starring alongside one of the great Bruce Willis.

Which one is your favourite and what would you like to see Henry star in next? A comedy perhaps?

Below is what we have to look forward to in Man of Steel

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