Last Resort review

My favourite season has begun. Pretty much all of the shows that I love (apart from True Blood) return to our screens as well as a bunch of new ones. And the first newbie that I checked out was Last Resort. Ok, when I saw Scott Speedman on the poster I must admit it wasn’t a hard decision to watch it, but after watching Homeland (sadly late to the table as I only watched season one as a marathon in September) the storyline for this show intrigued me.

Last Resort follows the crew of the Colorado submarine who are given an order to release a missile on Pakistan. When they question who the order is coming from they find themselves attacked by their own country and have to seek shelter on an island which now becomes their home.

Don’t expect this to turn onto Lost (although it is filmed in Hawaii). Don’t expect Homeland, this doesn’t have lots of twists (that I have seen yet from the first two episodes). But you can expect something that is gripping and doesn’t answer all of the questions that are brought up in  the first episode.

I’ve already been recomending this one to my friends and think it is one that I’ll hopefully be sticking with.


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