Beauty and the Beast remake

A new fall season calls for a new remake and this time it is Beauty and the Beast. Not the film, but the 80s TV series starring the Terminator’s Sarah Connor (aka Linda Hamilton) and Ron Perlman. I loved the original show because for the time the make up was amazing, a man who looked like a lion on a TV show budget, pure brilliance! So now 25 years on we have Smallville’s Kirsten Kreuk and Jay Ryan (who you may recognise from Neighbours). It has its beauty, but he certainly isn’t any beast. Some special effects seem to make him a little scary, but the incredible make up we once saw of the original has not made a return. Also a note of difference is our leading beauty is now a detective when she was once a district attorney.

The trailer is below. What do you think? Are you looking forward to seeing this and how will it compare to the 80s classic?

Image sources: Durance Magazine/IMDB

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