The fall season – first look at the CWs Arrow

So the fall season is almost upon us, and with every September comes a new list of shows to check out. Some will literally fall off our screens after a matter of episodes and some might just stand the test of time. As I work my way through all that there is to see I will share my thoughts on the season premiere episodes. But as a teaser, here is the trailer for the show that I am most looking forward to from the CW – Arrow. It looks like Warner Bros are doing to the Green Arrow what they did to Superman with Smallville, and no not is going back to pre-superhero, but giving us a brilliant, griping, dark and visually stunning (one of the things I always loved about Smallville) show. Also to add, they have made a wise decision to go with a new leading man using that of the handsome Stephen Amell from Private Practice rather than Justin Hartley who played Oliver Queen in Smallville. While Justin was great this show certainly needs to break away from it’s predecessor in order to stand on its own two legs. If this show is a success it could pave the way for more DC superheroes to make their way to the small screen.

Arrow hits US screens in October


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